What factors determine the quality of an application software?

What factors determine the quality of an application software?


A single web or mobile application can be built using various tools and techniques that a developer prefers or finds it as one of the suitable options to choose from.Irrespective of how and which technology was to used to build certain web or mobile application software, the functionalities tendto be the same after delivering to the customers. Checkout rapid application development software which serves as one of the easiest ways to create a web or mobile application.

There are some important factors available basically which determines the overall quality of a newly developed or an old software. They are as follows,

The first factor that has to be true is the accuracy of the output obtained from the newly designed software. If there is a presence of incomplete data in the software, then the developed software will have some problem on making preferred outcome. Every unit of it should be up-to-date with information.

It should be efficient in nature which means the hardware entities like the capacity of storage, processing and the ability to communicate should be able to perform all of the different functions that any software would do. Integrity is one of the important factors of any software which directly deals with the protection of the specific software from the entrance of unauthorized users. It also determines what permission has to be given on the software content whether read, write or read-write and it depends.

The usage of the specific software has to be easy to even train an untrained person. It has to be developed in such a way that compatibility should be favourable to run on more number of varying platforms.

Any newly developed software will undergo a must process called as testing in which the application will be tested for compiling with several requirements. Maintenance is one of the important aspects of any application or software which will probably help an application to upgrade itself with several new features. The applications usually perform regular or periodic updates based on the arising necessity. If there seem to not need any updates, the current version will be continued until any problem occurs from the user’s side. Checkout rapid application development software which aids in developing a hybrid mobile or web application by just spending very low with the help of rad model in a very fast phase with very lesser coding.

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