Can email intelligence prevent fraud?



Consumers expect several ways of communicating with organizations. Whether using a computer, tablet, mobile device, or other gadget, people expect their identification verified and have quick, simple communication with systems. They also want reassurance that scammers cannot access their accounts and that their private data is safe. That is a really difficult task. The capacity of companies to evaluate the risk associated with digital components is essential considering the expansion of consumer electronic channels.

This is particularly true if a company reduces the quantity of private data it gathers to speed up the introduction of new clients and lower the danger of data leakage. It takes several lines of protection to keep consumer interactions smooth and efficient while avoiding fraudulent activities. It would be a wasted opportunity to stop fraud if email addresses and email risk intelligence were not taken into consideration when making risk assessments. Know more about email address risk scoring software

Utilizing email intelligence to prevent risk factors

Verifying the identification of a consumer and evaluating risk at various interactions with customers, such as setting up an account, handling an account, and online interactions, are the first steps in security. Email intelligence is used as a primary risk indicator in Emailage, a tried-and-true fraud protection solution. A company must be able to evaluate risk at every point of contact as increasing numbers of client interactions shift to electronic and internet platforms.

The client demands a frictionless, flawless experience, which makes evaluating internet risk essential. By analyzing email address information elements such as domain data, email specifics, warning signs, and additional private data, it evaluates email address hazards. Emailage then provides simple decision-making information and an email risk ranking to help prevent fraud without negatively affecting potential customers.

Email addresses are distinctive indicators

As part of a company’s fraud and identity prevention plan, email addresses are perfect for client identification. After all, businesses currently use email as a means of communication with their customers

More significantly, it is a distinct worldwide identity that permits digital transactions and interactions across all sectors since it is:

  • Utilized in almost all online transactions.
  • Flexible in transaction records and conduct.
  • Tough to modify due to its connection to an individual’s entire internet identity.

Email intelligence enables the delivery of an email risk evaluation that provides a more comprehensive view of customer risk by combining extensive evaluation, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, and realistic transaction results. This will be able to better serve customers by approving payments more quickly and avoiding constantly developing fraud strategies when you integrate email risk intelligence into your procedure.

A complete safety system for theft and management of identities should include email intelligence to:

  • Recognize and stop online payment fraud
  • Using an email risk rating, determine the level of risk connected to a client’s email address.
  • Enhance top-line income by automatically accepting more clients who are eligible.
  • Make knowledgeable, effective judgments on periodic reviews.

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