iPad Screen Repair– Know Your Options

iPad Screen Repair


Sometimes an iPad screen can get cracked or shattered, no matter how careful you are. However, Apple iPad’s are not cheap, so do the screen repairs. Yes, the cost of screen repairs for Apple products is high when compared to other brand smartphones. Even though you have a warranty, Apple doesn’t cover accidental damages. Unless your iPad has a hairline crack screen  due to faulty glass installation or defective glass, Apple won’t cover for accidental screen repairs.

Letting your kid play with your iPad may be fun. But, that is until it is grabbed by the case which detaches, and the device goes spiralling toward the ground. We all have faced similar moments of horror with one or another device. So, it is good to know the options for iPad screen repairs Sydney so that you can use the device with a full screen.

Determine the damages first

If you have a screen protector, it gives you great relief if the device slips from your hand. Of course, the iPad is a well-designed device, but it is delicate equipment. Dents, dings, and scratches on the device are common and are inevitable. However, they do not require iPad screen replacement in Sydney. Whether the iPad’s screen needs a simple repair or replacement depends on the depth of the damage. So, it is good to determine the extent of the damage.

While simple crack or chip requires a simple fix, a display that has spider-webbed or shattered completely needs to be replaced. What if you are unlucky to incur a cracked iPad screen? This is when the difficult decision comes into play. You may be looking for the less expensive and safe option for iPad repairs Sydney that helps to get back your device as early as possible.

Here are the options to get your iPad screen fixed:-

Apple store

If you have Applecare, then you are lucky. Yes, getting your screen replaced by Apple is pretty cheap with Applecare.  Applecare costs $99 for two years, and it covers two accidental damages. With Applecare, it wouldn’t cost you more than $49 for fixing or replacing your broken screen. If you don’t have Applecare, it would cost about the price of a brand new iPad to fix the screen or any other iPad repairs Sydney. Apple may charge anywhere from $200 to $600 to fix the screen, depending on the model. If you can’t go to the store, then you have to pay for the shipping as well.

Third-party cell phone repair

There are other options to get the screen fixed. However, choosing a third party shop to fix the screen may void the warranty. But, if you are out of the warranty, the third party repair shop is a viable option as they provide reliable and affordable service with three months warranty for the parts.

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