How Managed Workplace Services Improve Cyber Security



It might help to understand first what workplace services are before explaining why your business needs managed workplace services. In the past most tasks that are currently done electronically were done manually. Workplace services included filing, managing and communicating data. It also included storage. With the advent of the Internet, the collection of data became easier. No one really considered the possibility of data breaches in the beginning. As the technology grew, the possibility of data breaches grew with it.

Outsourcing: Risks and Benefits

The World Wide Web increased the need for outsourcing products and services. Since the Internet added services such as online shopping, the need for security online grew. The risk of cybercrime due to the proliferation of connected devices rose as well. The convenience of having instant gratification was a good benefit for both companies and their customers.

IT services were outsourced to handle tasks that companies couldn’t handle in house. In some ways outsourcing decreased the risk of data breaches and dissolution of data. It also benefited organizations to have their data stored outside of the organization.

Increasing Innovation: Staying on Top

Technology didn’t stay static. Innovation fed off new technology pushing the envelope leaving many behind. For many smaller organizations the need for managed workplace services became acute. Cyber criminals knew uncovered weaknesses in the system and took advantage. Data breaches became common and cost companies thousands of dollars.

Finding the Perfect Solution: Managing Workplace Services

Customers expect good service. They also expect to have their personal information remain secure. Newer and more complex systems make it difficult for companies to remain secure without outside help.

Companies want and need to stay on top of their competition. This requires companies to manage their workplace and their equipment. Cybercrime is on the rise because for many companies online it is virtually impossible to keep up. Managed workplace services are all those services that meet or exceed customer expectations. In other words all the technology connected with users.

The human factor is a big component with managed services. It is the “wow” factor that makes coordinating projects worldwide easier and more secure. Businesses struggle online when they neglect to factor in the human factor.

Eliminating Cyber Security Threats: A Dream?

The quick answer to this question is No. It is possible to improve and maybe even eliminate cyber security threats. Experts agree that utilizing more than one detection software and hardware solution may have a good effect on eliminating some cybercrime. They also agree that you should invest in the latest security upgrades. It is important to consider all operational and monitoring costs before investing. The Internet is “open” 24/7 so criminal activity doesn’t cease when you turn off your computer. 24/7 monitoring services are a must. Managed services provide the tools and resources you need to continue your business success. Businesses that don’t manage their workplace risk losing customers and money.

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