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All of us are aware about the evolution of fantasy cricket. Not only it has gone on to emerge as one of the talked about subjects in India but even the entire world. So what are the reasons to play fantasy cricket games online. You get to choose from a team of players in a game and based on their performance you are allotted points. The winner is the person who has the highest number of points. Being a skill based game it is not an easy one. There are a lot of tips and trades that you have to consider to make it big. An online fantasy cricket enables you to undertake the selection of a cricket team in a reasonable manner.

The tips and trades emerging from fantasy cricket

Pretty much a mentioned fact is winning a fantasy game is not easy as you may think. Yes you could select a few in form players and choose a team and leave things to fate. But if you are looking to make it big then you need to analyse the finer details and undertake a proper research about the game. It is all about choosing the team of 11 players who have a chance of winning and increases the possibility of winning. When you are developing your team there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Check out the performance of the players

The thing that you have to check out is whether a player is in form or not. Do not follow the logic that you choose a player since he has been in good form a few years back. Always stick to the current form of the players as it enables you to make strategic decisions. The reason being all this tend to play a major role to play when it comes to player record. But always opt for class players as the possibility of higher returns are likely to emerge.

Take stock of the weather along with the pitch report

Analysing the weather along with the pitch report are the points that players do not pay heed when playing fantasy cricket. For example if the pitch appears to be dry then it is a slow turner. So it is obvious you have to choose more spinners in your team. But if the pitch is grassy then you need to have more pace bowlers in your team. You have to pick and choose a team based on the given conditions.

Selection of top order quality batsman

For making it big in fantasy cricket you need to choose quality top order batsman. More so it is the case of T 20 cricket when there are a lot of balls that a top order batsman will face. A natural tendency is for them to be scoring maximum number of runs and hence you need to load your team with top order batsman. Normally the top 3 in the line -up score maximum amount of runs. So for all these reasons the probability of scoring higher number of runs would be the norm.

The choice of the captain and the vice- captain

A major pointer when it comes to the choice of a fantasy cricket team is the choice of the captain and the vice- captain of the team. The choice between both of them could turn out to be the difference between winning or losing a game. The former gets 2 X points and the latter 1.5 X points. So when you go on to select the proven performers in your team then the chance of winning big prizes increases.

Other tips when it comes to fantasy cricket

The moment you are participating in a fantasy cricket app you have to adopt a proactive approach. You have to be aware about the last minute changes and the updates that takes place in your team. Just follow the proper tips so as to make it big in the domain of fantasy cricket.

Firstly toss and last minute changes work out to be crucial. After the toss there is a small window for you to make changes to your team. Since the final list of players is released by the team it is possible to make the necessary changes. Sometimes you may have gone on to select players which may have not been part of the original team.

If you are looking to enhance the probability of winning then it is better to be choosing multiple teams. For example even if you lose in one context there is always a possibility of winning in another competition. As there is no shortage of fantasy based apps always opt for the option of formulating multiple teams. Check out all the latest updates and announcements. The reason being a particular change can have a major impact when it comes to performance.

As you have to choose players from every category it is necessary to carefully analyse your approach. When it comes to top order batsman there could be anyone who bats in the top four. Always opt for an all -rounder player since you may get absolute value when it comes to their total performance on the field of play. This same logic is applicable for the wicket keepers as they are known for their batting abilities.


To make it big in fantasy cricket is not a walk in the park.  Firstly you need to download and register on the app. Here you may have to provide you mobile no along with email details. Most of the apps provide you with a welcome bonus on joining them. Then you need to select a match, choose a context and go on to formulate your dream fantasy team. It is possible to win real cash if the team chosen by you performs well. Always observe the tips before you select a team since the possibility of winning increases. There are various apps that allows you to develop 10 teams at a single time.

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