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video downloading apps


People enjoy watching videos all the time on their devices and sometimes they want to download them also. They can download all the content like audio files, movies and other videos using these apps and can enjoy them up to the best possible maximum limits.

Sometimes there are terms and conditions to be followed by the people to download the content and they need some specific apps to download the videos but nowadays it is not so. There are many apps now on third party application store of 9Apps that can help in solving such purposes. Some of the most commonly used apps have been mentioned as follows:

The TubeMate app: the app is too good as per the consumer’s expectations and even helps in fulfilling the purpose. One can also save the social media status of other people using this app. Users can download multiple files at a time and can even convert them into other available formats. The latest and trending videos are shown in the most common area and one can download them from there only.

The Free video downloader: there is the feature of pause and resume that makes it different from others. The app has great interface and one never needs to open the app time and again because the files downloaded will be shown in the gallery of the device. The app has the same and basic features like all other apps but the app differs in terms of quality of the download so that it can satisfy the users.

Vidmate: Vidmate download 2018 is free and one needs to make no payments to avail its services. The app provides the best of the speed and is considered to be the best in its segment. The app offers a very unique function which is to protect the data using different kinds of pass codes and pass words. The app is virus free and provides the option of live TV streaming to its users.

The Advanced Download Manager app: this app helps to download from the browser which the user is using. The process of downloading is easy and the person needs to follow the required steps. The app claims that it provides 9 times faster speeds of the downloads as compared to all the other apps. People can very easily use this app.

The Download Manager: the features of this app are good but this is not supported by all the platforms. One can save multiple videos using this app. The app provides the option of play, pause and resume which is a great feature in this app. People can also apply pass codes on their files and these will be automatically shown in the gallery upon downloading them.

The above apps help to solve the same purpose. One must select the apps accordingly as per own convenience so that they can download the videos. The basic features of all are same but there are some characteristics that help to differentiate them from the competition.

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