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Looking for the Best Domain


Up with creating a website? Before it’s up and running, you’ll need to put a lot of things in place. A domain name is one of the requirements. So, what is a domain name, exactly?

You may have learned that you need a domain to construct a website if you are a beginner.

Many beginners, however, confuse a domain name with the hosting of a website. All these different words can sound too technical if you are just starting.

The domain name brief

A domain name is a text string that maps to the IP address of the client’s website. The text a user types to a browser window to access a specific site in plain English is a domain name. For example, Google’s domain name is ‘google.com.’

The actual website address is a complicated numerical IP (e.g., but the users remember human-friendly domain names and use the DNS to be redirected to the websites they are searching. This process is called a DNS search.

The two elements of the website that you actually access include a domain name and a web server.

  1. A web server is a physical machine, which hosts your site files and databases and sends them to internet users when you access your site from your computer.
  1. The name of the domain is what persons enter for access, and the web browser points to the server that holds those services. As the IP address is a numeric number and cannot be remembered by humans, string names are given as domain names to the website.

The domain name locates your website on the internet.  

Type of domains

  1. TLD: Top Level Domains – A domain name type at the top domain name system level of the internet. Example: .com.org.net, and .edu.
  2. CcTLD: Country Code Top Level Domains – .us, .in, .uk, etc.
  3. gTLD: Generic Top Level Domain – A gTLD is basically a domain of top-level and is not based on country code. e.g. .gov, .org, etc.
  4.  Second-Level Domains – This domain explicitly sits under a domain name of high level. e.g. .co.uk.
  5. Subdomains– Having subdomains do not require webmasters to purchase an additional domain name to create divisions within the website. An example is support.google.com.

Working of domain name

The domain name points to an IP address. The IP address points to a server, if visitors attempt to use it, it will not resolve the site. This is because the remote server must use a port number, which contains a default site (i.e. index.html) in its web app directory, for an IP address to solve the website.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming to mess around with server default and IP addresses. Therefore, most of the site owners choose to use a service such as MilesWeb that provides bundled domain names with annual web hosting packages.

Amongst the top-level domains .com is widely used.

The .com domain is one of several hundred TLDs because of the various advantages it provides.

  • The most known domain – the.com extension known by many, makes your site more confident.
  • Do not connect a website to a specific location – You can use a .com domain name that fits very well in most markets.
  • Can be easily Recalled – The fact that it is short and well-known means that you are more likely to recall the address of your website if it ends with .com than a newer, longer TLD.

Registering to a domain name

Various web hosting companies provide a variety of domains. Before selecting one, the following points should be considered.

Certain things to remember when selecting a registrar of domain names are:

  • Domain name cost.
  • Buying a domain name from a web host: you can buy the domain name from another web host and host your website with other hosts as well.
  • Is there high-quality support for the domain name registrar?
  • Does the registrar have resources, for example, e-mail renewal reminders?
  • privacy offers with the domain name  

Getting the .com domain at Rs. 99*/year from MilesWeb

Gist about MilesWeb

MilesWeb has been founded in 2012 as the largest Internet hosting company in India. The business offers various Web hosting services such as VPS hosting, hosting services, AWS cloud management, hosting of resellers, shared hosting in India  etc. MilesWeb also provides the best domain service at a very affordable rate.

MilesWeb enables you to choose a top-level domain name for your website. You can search for the domain name from the three main classifications, Country, Generic and Global.

Registering the domain and hosting your site with MilesWeb is a 3-step easy process.

  1. Select a Domain Name
  2. Select Hosting Plan
  3. Launch Your Website

The wide range of domains that MilesWeb provide are:

.com, .net, .org, .in, .biz, .info, .xyz, .monster, .co, .asia, .me, .shop, .eu, .ca, .uk, .co.in, .net.in, .ind.in, .co.uk, .org.uk, .tv, .wiki.

The 99NotOut .com domain offer:

Getting a .com domain offers  at Rs.99* is the best thing ever you can get on the internet today.

MilesWeb .com domain offer:

You are paying Rs.850 for a 1-year domain subscription.

You pay Rs.1199 only for 2 years.com domain subscription (1st Year Rs.99*& 2nd Year Rs.1100) eventually you are saving Rs. Rs.600.

You pay Rs.1999 for 3 years of domain sign-up (1st Year Rs.99*, 2nd & 3rd Year Rs.950). With this plan, you are saving Rs.551 in all.

To sum it up:

The 99NotOut is a limited period offer given by MilesWeb. I would certainly recommend you to avail the offer ASAP and have an online presence of your business at the minimum cost.

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