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The launch of the latest iPhone is always compared to Android devices as its competitor OS, as well as the Buy iPhone 12 announcement this time. What is the sophistication of the iPhone 12 compared to other premium smartphone brands based on Android. According to some gadget observers, currently in terms of hardware technology, Android and iPhone flagships are actually still said to be similar and not as incomplete as they used to be. In fact, most new technologies already exist in smartphones based on Android. such as for example what was brought on a large scale this time by the iPhone 12, the 5G connection, which Android has already used, even now it has reached mid-range smartphones.

In terms of computational photography capabilities, now there are similarities between iPhone and Android. Even now the iPhone can take pictures at night with ‘bright’ through the low light capability that is now on the camera. Meanwhile, on Android this feature has arrived in the mid-range smartphone series. “Video with HDR technology is also on Android. So now the comparison between the new iPhone and the Android flagship is not that obvious. Indeed, there are still Android features that are not yet on the iPhone 12. For hype technological sophistication such as the 120 Hz refresh rate, currently only has Android because the iPhone has not implemented it. However, overall the iPhone hardware technology and the Android flagship are now in balance.

The advantages of the iPhone compared to Android are the control between hardware and software that is stronger and more integrated, because iOS is not marketed or used by other brands, only specifically for the iPhone. In addition, the development of the iPhone chipset design can also be said to be very advanced, so it is very powerful. With this strong integration, numerically, for example, the amount of RAM, battery capacity, even though the iPhone is not as big as the numbers on the Android flagship, its capabilities remain the same, so it can be said to be very efficient,

As if bringing back the past. Apple gadget fans compare the iPhone 12 with the iPhone 5 which was released in 2012 because it looks similar in appearance. It can be seen, after waiting for months, Apple finally released the iPhone 12. This latest smartphone from Apple brings a variety of new features, including 5G connectivity, a rear camera with dual lenses and the A14 Bionic chip. As for what makes it compared to the iPhone 5 is because of its boxy design. This appearance is different from the iPhone released in recent years which adopted a design with rounded corners.

Hence, the conversation compares the iPhone 12 with iPhone 5 became crowded and even shot up to become a trending topic on Twitter. People talk about the new but old school design. The launch of the iPhone 12 has attracted attention. Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, had previously predicted that this launch would be the most significant iPhone launch event in years. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini were officially released by Apple at the “Hi, Speed” event. Before it was launched, there were rumors that The iPhone 12 will bring back the old design, but what is widely said is that it will resemble the iPhone 4.

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