Guest Blogging Your Business To Success

Guest Blogging Your Business To Success


Using guest blogging to market your business can bring some incredible results, but as a business owner, it’s hard to find the time to do guest blogging yourself, at the same time as managing your business. Hiring a guest blogging service is the preferred choice for most business owners, because it saves them time and leaves them able to carry on with their normal day to day duties of managing their business.

When you take on a guest blogging campaign, you need to make sure you have clearly defined your goals and that you’re not just guest blogging in order to gain backlinks to your website. When you start a guest blogging campaign with your main priority set on acquiring links, you’re more than likely going to end up sabotaging your campaign before you even get started, and that’s because focussing on links will take your attention away from more important things.

For example, if you’re focussing on building links, you’re going to be more interested in things like domain authority and trust flow, rather than the things that really matter, like relevancy and how big an audience the blogs you’re targeting have.

The main goal of guest blogging is to get your content seen by your target market, and to engage with them, provide them with information of value, and ultimately get enough of their attention for them to want to click through to your website and find out more about you and/or your business. In order to do that, you don’t need to look at domain authority or any other metric. You simply need to analyze whether or not the audience of the blog aligns with your target market, and make sure the audience is big enough to warrant you spending time creating an awesome piece of content to publish on that particular blog.

So, when you’re looking for potential target blogs to secure a guest post placement on, make sure these things take priority:

  • Relevancy: Make sure that the blog you are targeting has content which is relevant to your niche. This ensures that the audience on the blog will align with your target audience too.
  • Traffic: What’s the use in securing a placement on a blog which doesn’t receive any traffic? You put your time and effort into creating a quality piece of content, because you want it to be read! There are lots of tools like SimilarWeb which can estimate the amount of traffic a blog receives. Try and aim for a blog with a minimum of 25,000 unique visitors per month.
  • No Sponsored Posts: You don’t want to risk placing your content on a blog which accepts any piece of content in exchange for money. You want the blog you’re targeting to publish your content for free, because they are super excited about the content which you have provided, and they are sure that their audience is going to appreciate it.
  • Basic Metrics: While the things above should be your priorities, it’s still a good idea to check a few basic metrics when you’re looking to secure a guest post placement. First of all, you want to make sure the website is indexed in Google – it would be a waste of time, and possibly dangerous, to publish content on a blog which has been penalised by Google and isn’t even indexed. So, make sure it’s indexed. Secondly, it’s a good idea to see how many keywords the blog ranks for. If you have a few choices of which blog to publish on, choosing one which has lots of keywords ranked shows that Google considers that blog somewhat of an authority.

If you go into your guest blogging campaign with that in mind, rather than just link acquisition, then you’ll see far greater results. You’ll still be building links at the same time, so the guest blogging campaign will help your rankings in Google, but you’ll be doing it in such a way that you get to reap the other incredible benefits which guest blogging has to offer too. It’s worth spending that extra time or that extra money to ensure you’re getting the very best from each guest post you have published. You’ll see a much greater ROI.

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