Tools for Better PPC campaigns

Tools for Better PPC campaigns


PPC management company in India involvesa lot of ups and down. There is a requirement of monitoring them on a regular basis in order to maximize the rate of investment. Managing campaigns manually is not easy it is just like a full-time job that requires knowledge and understanding of each platform advertising on. PPC ad campaigns can work without proper PPC management. But if you are concerned with getting the maximum value of your money invested then you need to understand every single tool deeply.

There were times when people used to believe in getting organic traffic by doing search engine optimization. Now after so many updates in the Google algorithm it is not easy to get ranked by using non-paid methods like SEO. Also, if you analyze search engine result pages (SERPs) it will now not show more of organic results but more of ads. If you are number one on the organic results still you need to run well on PPC in order to get a good number of impressions. Today, I will be going to tell you top PPC tools that will help you in saving time and managing your campaigns in a better way.

ISpion age

It is a tool which is used for analyzing the competitor’s campaigns. You just need to add competitor’s websites name to see their keywords on which they are targeting for ad campaigns and respective landing page. Also, you can get an estimate of their PPC budget. If you are new to ad campaigns this tool could be very useful. Just check your competitor’s keywords and start targeting on the same keywords. You need to review their ads properly and accordingly create a better copy. Optimize the landing page in order to increase conversions. It is a paid tool but for new users, they offer one-month free subscription and after that, you have to pay a certain amount every month. One of my favouritetools to analyze the competitor’s website.

Ten scores

This tool is used for improving quality scores by many PPC management company India. The price you pay for any ad depends upon quality score. In short, having good quality score results in paying less per click. It gives a clear idea on how much you are spending extra money because of not having a good quality score and, recommends how you can improve the same. When the score starts to improve, it gives clear data regarding overall impact. You need to pay a certain amount monthly and if you don’t like the tool you can ask for a refund within 30 days.It will keep a regular track on your quality score plus give you recommendation in order to improve it and at the end helps in ad optimization.

Click Sweeper

If your focus is getting the maximum rate of interest from the campaigns, then this tool is for you. You might face a problem in reducing the cost per head, this tool will surely recommend some of the smarter ways. This tool built a strategy-based bid as per your goals that could be getting conversions, increase ROI or ranking. A tool built on an algorithm that optimizes your bid on the goals defined by you and at the end gives the best possible results. Along with this, you get extra benefits like handling multiple accounts, automated keyword optimization, ad copy evaluation etc. They offer a free trial for the first 14 days and after that, you need to pay the specified amount. A full PPC management software that will automate your campaigns and creates amazing management report for better monitoring. A tool that is very important to run an optimized ad campaign and results in better ROI and conversions.

PPC Bid Max

Another amazing tool that helps in managing ad campaigns on Google, Bing, and Yahoo from a single platform. This tool helps in automate keyword bidding and campaigns. By reducing the cost per click that is required to get maximum click and conversions, you will reach an optimal average position. It helps in creating or importing ad campaigns between Yahoo, Bing and Google AdWords. Which also helps in checking keywords bidding history in a better way. You are now able to create better customized branded reports for multiple accounts just by one click.

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