How did fraternities spread to the rest of Europe from America?

In the last part of the eighty’s decade, these fraternities made their way out of the American soil & get planted in the souls of the disciples & scholars from Scotland where they established their first non-American fraternity in the famous university campus of Edinburgh. Followed by Edinburgh, it was founded at the Toronto University in 1879 AD.

The major reason behind the spread was the fact that a lot of American disciples were moving to Europe to pursue further education since America at that time was in the hands of a disastrous civil war.

Another important reason was the demographic discrimination of these American students in the European land that they become a bunch to form a fraternity where they had an objective of non-inclusion of the European members in their fraternities.

How did fraternities spread to Asia?

The spread of fraternities to Asia would have been an impossible stunt in the history of the fraternities if it was not for the Philippines & Pilipino disciples started it. And the major underlying cause of this was the adaption of the American style of teaching & curriculum in the universities of the Philippines

Influence of Religion on the fraternities

Dating back to the seventeenth & eighteenth centuries the majority of the fraternities followed & preached Christianism. The Christiana rules, preaching& practices were widely popular inside the fraternities and that led to the development of the rule of only Christian members in the fraternity to keep the mindset& preaching scant.

The non-Christian& Jewish scholars though with similar mindsets were denied memberships & were deprived of the culture which led to the birth of the Non – Christiana& Jewish fraternities in the universities. And these kinds of fraternities started blooming up at the start of the twentieth century when the liberalization ideas have already been planted in the societies.

Moving forward towards the end of the 20th Century, the strict & definite rules of religion, and baptism were removed from the majority of the fraternities. The fraternities instead started looking for members with a similar thought, likes& mindsets irrespective of the religion they belong to.

And thiswas possible because of the wide expanse of the fraternities in the Asian countries where communal harmony was widely prevalent in the contemporary period.


With the induction of members from a wide pool of religions with different religious beliefs & cultures to the fraternities, the necessity to micromanage was the need of the hour. And to this crisis came out the fraternity management companies with a promise to devise methodologies & advice that would help the fraternities, as well as their chapters, run profitable & hassle-free. And to everyone’s astonishment, these fraternity management companiesefficientlydid the job they promised.

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