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StarWars Battlefront 2 Review

The battles between the Jedi and the Sith are famous not just with gamers and geeks but the general public, everyone knows the name ‘Darth Vader’ and everyone knows the name ‘Luke Skywalker’ another phrase well known right now in the Star Wars universe is ‘Battlefront 2 loot boxes’ so to avoid boring you with repeated lines, I’m going to leave them out of this review much like some of you wish Jar Jar was let out of the universe in general. We’ve all heard enough about them, we all share our opinions and I’m just not going to waste my time discussing them beyond this opening paragraph… They are bad, they shouldn’t belong in the game and the final score will reflect that.. Now let’s go defeat the resistance.


One of my favourite things about this title is how well it fits, you feel like you’re an active part of the Star Wars universe. The game itself expands across all the Star Wars saga from the prequels and the original three, right up to the latest trilogy. It’s also taken a massive lesson from the first Battlefront and given us an active solo campaign with some well written narrative set after Return of the Jedi and getting the First Order setup for the Force Awakens.

It’s not the longest campaign you’ll play, matching in time spent with other shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. It’s easy to finish your first run through in a measly four hours but the strong performances of the voice actors and a well written narrative places it more in the realms of a film which at four hours is exceptional timing. I’m not claiming more games should cut to four hour campaigns but once in awhile it’s a nice refreshing break, as long as the replay-ability of the other modes gives you value more money. Plus it’s still four hours longer than their last effort, so maybe we’ll get eight next time.

There’s a nice mix in gameplay across all the modes here, you’re not confined to the ground looking up at the depths of space daydreaming about those epic space battles we’ve seen in movies. Across the campaign and the multiplayer there are plenty of chances to jump in Starfighter and live out those dreams. Just try to survive longer than I tend to, which is honestly not very long at all. A simple reminder that just because we review games, doesn’t mean we are always good at them.

When it comes to multiplayer, this is where you live and it’s why most people buy this series. Spread across six modes, each with unique features. From the large scale galactic assault to the Team Death Match style ‘Blast’, you even get an entire multiplayer mode dedicated to those epic space battles i mentioned before in ‘Starfighter Assault’ The levelling system however is extremely flawed, standard gameplay will require more grind than any other title making it almost impossible for the average player to level up efficiently. The experience gap between levels is excessive at times and unlocking those heroes will take a fair amount of time.

For those with a poor internet connection, you might find yourself lacking anything to do after that campaign. While the multiplayer is potentially fun, a poor connection means death after death adding to an already long grind. So for those still wanting a multiplayer feel without the poor connection, you’ve got Arcade Mode and guess what? It has split screen! A rare feature in gaming today, it’s nothing mind blowing but allows you to hone your skills against AI enemies across a few different game scenarios.


I remember playing the beta, the first thing that stood out to me was just how beautiful this game is. Not just the graphic design or the artistic approach taken but the simple details that other games miss, the leaves blowing in the wind as you run through the maps. The way even in multiplayer, how the NPC interact with the world around them and even panic as you open fire. From the voice acting to the simple graphical pieces, the effort is surely there and it’s one I appreciate greatly. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing this on a first round PS4/X1 or a Pro/X, all look amazing and should be admired. It’s just the 4k aspects look even better, so if you have that chance experience it in all it’s visual glory.


It’s hard to summarise this title up as ‘yes buy it’ or ‘no avoid it’ because it’s got so much going for it, yet has so much holding that potential back.The concept is basic and there isn’t anything ground breaking to be observed. The campaign is engaging but short, the multiplayer is addictive yet held back by the grind required for casual players. It’s really a matter of how much time you can invest into this title, are you one who just wants to check out the campaign? If so wait for a sale. Are you one who will invest hours at a time into it and have no issue with a grind? If so grab it now. For the everyday player i say skip it, or at least wait for a sale you can spend your money on something else for now. For the Star Wars addict who is going to pump the time into it and reap the full rewards of an awfully gruelling grind, head on down now and grab a copy. I enjoy the title but I struggle to justify the full release price and certain practises within, plus a certain practise has really hit the overall score here where it counts.


  • Great campaign.
  • beautiful environments.
  • A decent variety of multiplayer modes.


  • Short campaign for some is a let down.
  • The grind of multiplayer is out of reach for casual players.

Reviewed on – Xbox One S

Available on – Xbox, Playstation and PC


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