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Energy Cycle Playstation 4 Review

Energy Cycle was developed and published by Sometimes You Studios. The game focuses on the puzzle genre aimed at all ages and abilities.


The premise of the game is simple, line up a cluster of lights that appear on-screen then make sure that they are all the same colour to proceed. If I was to describe Energy Cycle it would have a Solitaire vibe that you will play in short spells during breaks at work or when having a break from other games. Energy Cycle has several modes including time attack, puzzle mode and infinite play. In puzzle mode, there are a total of 28 levels that increase in difficulty while time attack is as stated simply timed puzzle action while infinite is never ending.

Visual, Audio and Value

Visually the game has a simple yet to the point graphical pallet of glowing balls in which you line up with the same colour. The musical tones have an electro dance beat to them which don’t really align with a puzzle genre when you are trying to focus between the beats. It seems unnecessary yet if you are spending a vast amount of time playing the Infinite mode of the game you may need something to keep you awake.


Currently $4 AUS on the PlayStation store this is slightly better value than Energy Balance another Sometimes You game I reviewed recently. The game is challenging without being confusing with multiple elements as many puzzle games try too hard and end up moving outside what they set out to be when creating the title. The game is cheap and gives people that higher order thinking puzzle game which attracts many to the puzzle genre. What lets down this game is the purpose or reward that people set out to get when playing similar titles. This could have been improved with a score system to share on social media to engage with your friends or challenge them. The music choice and lacking of engagement is the main reason for the low score as I felt the need to stop every 10 minutes to do something else then come back an hour later to engage with the title.


  • Challenging puzzles
  • All age accessible game


  • Poor music choice
  • No purpose
  • Poor value
  • Rating

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