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The world of smartphone has a huge role of apps with the help of which the phone can do a lot of things. For a common user the place from where he can get the apps is play store only but there are also third party apps from where apps for a smartphone with android can be downloaded. These apps are also of high quality and can perform far better than common apps available on play store. Among these third party platforms the name of 9apps is a known one. Here one can also find the app vidmate which is highly popular among the users due to its powerful performance for video downloading.

The app:

In the world of apps that can pull the videos from any platform the vidmate is much famous. One can find this app on 9apps which is its original platform. This app is not available on play store. This small app can do a wonderful job of pulling the video from dedicated sites of videos or even from social media sites. The user needs to have vidmate APK with the help of which the true performance of the same can be seen.

Get the app downloaded:

The app can be checked on the platform of 9apps. Here one can see the link given to download the app with the help of which the user can have the app on his device. There is no need to install the device as it comes with self-installation feature. As soon as the app is loaded the user can start using it. One needs to have the link of the video first as the app can get the video pulled with the help of its link only.

Why you need to download the video?

On various platforms one can find different videos available all the time. However, one who wants to download the video and watch it at his leisure time, it is necessary to get the video first. Those who want to share the video on other platforms and sites; it is much required to have the same video on the device first. If one goes for watching a video online, he needs to have good connectivity all the time and in case of absence of the same one cannot watch the video with quality. Hence these are some of the reasons why one needs to have the videos on the smartphone.

A powerful app:

Vidmate is known as a powerful app with the help of which it is possible to download any video. The app does not occupy much of space on the phone and hence it can prove much beneficial to the user. It hardly fails to fetch the video from the platform hence when it comes to pulling the video, one can rely on its performance also. It has got settings that can help the user to improve the quality of the video. Hence overall it is the app that can help one fulfil his wish of getting different videos downloaded on the device.

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