Solid Advice to Keep Your CNC Machines Working as They Should

Solid Advice to Keep Your CNC Machines Working as They Should


When you get your equipment to handle custom CNC machining tasks, you need to do some heavy homework to learn everything you can about the most trustworthy brands in the market. Since you are getting these machines to handle some heavy workloads, you expect all the parts on these devices to be durable and reliable for a long time. When you are an owner of a CNC machine, you need to consider maintenance after specific periods, so the equipment keeps delivered state of the art parts. Keep in mind that is you do this the right way you will have lasting equipment for many years. We are about to share with you a few solid tips to keep your CNC machining equipment working steadily.

Keep the Moving Parts Greased

This is probably the most important recommendation on the list. CNC machines have a lot of moving parts, most of them made with metals. Metal parts generate a lot of friction, and they need to be greased up properly to prevent it. You need to inspect the moving components in your CNC machine regularly. Daily checkups will help you get some insight and plan out your work sessions in accordance, if your machine is due for a fluid check, don’t. If you see anything out the ordinary, you will have to contact the manufacturer or a technician to deal with the issue before going back to production.

Keep an Eye on the Fluids of Your CNC Machine

All CNC machines demand hydraulic fluids as well as high-quality lubricants to keep their grinds working properly. Most of these fluids have to be replenished regularly, usually following a programmed schedule that has to be checked. The manufacturer of your machine will offer a manual guide to give you an outline of the needs of your device as well as the right times to do so and the quantities required. Keep in mind that all CNC machines are different and their components demand different solutions, lubricants, and cleaning products. Also, make sure to check up that your CNC machines don’t use fluids faster than they should. If by any reason they are doing so, it may be a sign of bigger issues.

Keep Your CNC Machine Wiped and Clean

Using a CNC machine to handle task every day will leave a lot of grime, scraps, and other forms of residues on every part of the device. They will accumulate with ongoing work, that’s why your team must be ready to clean up and wipe down the machine after each job. This will keep the machine working as the precisions tool that was conceived, and it will run smoothly before taking on a new task. Remember that these leftovers can jam your machine, creating a lot of problems for you in the long run.

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