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WWE 2k14 Xbox 360 Review

I reviewed a previous WWE game a few years back here at All Age Gaming and with that one I made a game out of it and threw in as many wrestling puns as possible. Will I do that again this time? It doesn’t matter if I do! What does matter is that I’ve been laying the smack down on this game as often as possible during the week and what follows is a review I’d like to claim as being the best in the world, Enjoy.


Nothing at all has changed that I’ve noticed, minus the story everything from WWE 13 remains in 2k14 including the annoyances like wrestlers popping into place awkwardly during moves. It’s not game breaking, it’s far from a game breaking issue it’s just something that irks me during a match especially when I go from not being near the move to suddenly being up in the air with a face in my crotch. Universe mode remains and the majority of match types remain as well.

Don’t panic tho as there are some changes, the create a wrestler has been improved and built on the social interaction that the WWE has itself been pushing on TV for the last few years. It’s still simple to use with room to go further into detail for those that wish, which brings me to the Roster and how it seems most could have been added to WWE 2k13 using it’s CAW mode or DLC saving them the effort of 2k14 and giving them more time to go large with 2k15.


The story of the game is yet another aspect that I feel let down by, sure it’s great to take a trip down memory lane with Wrestlemania moments. However I find myself getting bored of matches with set endings and so many quick time events mid match. I’m craving a real story where a loss is a loss and while hitting the elbow drop gets you a bonus, not hitting it doesn’t halt gameplay as it does at times. The almost total dedication to retro WWE/F leaves me instead wanting a modern untold story.

Online multiplayer is steadily improving and with each edition of WWE games you can see the improvements in server setups and match making. It’s still not comparable to other games and the quick actions of a WWE style game really struggle to work. I suggest playing the online portion with friends.


There isn’t much to the audio, the commentators repeat the same few lines over and over again sometimes halting mid-sentence for no apparent reason leaving me wondering what they wanted to say (In case it was new) and the slams of the body’s on the mat are simple yet effective. The beauty of it however is the theme music, its one area I really enjoy with the game as a good entrance can set the tone for enjoying the upcoming match. Loading up the game for the first time I was greeted by my favourite all-time theme ‘The nWo’ and from there my excitement jumped just a little.


There isn’t much value here if you’ve already got WWE 2k13 in the collection, unless there is a certain Wrestler you really want but can’t have in 2k13 I’d suggest holding onto it and giving this one a miss. If however you’re big on wrestling but still hanging with 2k11 or 2k12 this is worth the update just not at full price.



It may seem like I’ve body slammed this game the entire review and for the most part playing it that’s what I wanted to do. Trading WWE 13 seems a mistake now and while I appreciate the work of the guys and girls working on the game, I’d much rather they instead spent 2yrs working on their 2k debut and gave us something new and out there. Oh and for the record if you’re counting, I only put 4 puns in this time.

aag logo score 5


  • Updated roster and some now DLC just dropped


  • It’s nothing more than an updated Roster
  • Reversal system is flawed
  • Unbalanced gameplay, AI seems to have unlimited energy
  • It feels incomplete and more WWE2k13.5


Reviewed and Written by Will Muscat

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