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Get Even Xbox One Review

What a strange animal of a game. What a strange way to begin a review. What a strange feeling you have when playing Get Even. What a strange game in general. Get Even, coming to us from “The Farm 51” and published by Namco Bandi, tries to be many things, shooter, mystery, puzzlebox game and honestly while never completely succeeding at any of them, never truly fails either and still delivers a fulfilling, intriguing experience. At its heart, Get Even is a pretty decent game, supported by some fantastic voice acting that justifies its own existence by keeping your attention from start to finish, then asking you for another go around. What else could you ask?


In Get Even you play the game as (insert tough guy name generator annnnnnd we get….) “Cole Black” (Get it? Cole….Coal….Black?) You play as a mercenary who awakens in what seems to be an insane asylum after an explosion you would’ve thought ended your life leaves you merely with no memory of yourself or your surroundings. This leads to a game of rediscovering memories, finding out things aren’t quite as they seem, moral quandaries and situations as well as the old Mass Effect Style “Your actions here will affect your game later on” situation. Mind you, you ARE beaten around the proverbial head with this sentence almost every time a situation comes up, being reminded your choices have consequences…

Through the in-game use of VR technology, a stranger known as “Red” guides Cole, leading him to discover his memories, allowing him to explore his mind and piece back together exactly what happened and what brought him to his current situation. Honestly, it’s not too bad. Unfortunately, it’s not as great as the premise could have been, but it’s definitely worth the play. What I particularly enjoyed was the aspect of having branching paths to the games ending, this struck me as showing some semblance of non-linear thought with the game, giving it a fair amount of replay value to see all of these endings.

The weapons are interesting, you have your standard fare, and in a Halo-esque/COD-esque touch, you carry two at a time. However guns such as the corner-gun, literally allowing you to peek around corners with it, add to the tactics of the game, as well as abilities to use your ‘powers’ to summon cover. The first half of the game contains the predominant amount of gunplay, the second however I won’t get into because it’d give away too much, I don’t want to do that, I’m not that cruel 😊 as things get changed up quite significantly and the game becomes something quite intriguing.


Get Even controls like a standard first person shooter, if you’ve played a few, you’ve played this. The added bonus however, is your ‘mobile device’ you can use to interact with the world. Scan things, listen to them, use a map and other options, this device is your gateway to understanding your situation. The controls are responsive, a little clunky but add to the atmosphere that you’re a large guy, not a lithe ninja or demi-god out to kill-murder-annihilate everyone with ease. You actually feel mortal here because of these controls, it really does add to the atmosphere. In this respect, Get Evens controls are indeed very good.


At times, Get Even looks nice, very nice. Textures on the walls pop, with graffiti in the dilapidated buildings at the start looking hi-res and beautiful, grime on the asylum walls looking putrid and gross and the characters themselves looking service-ably human. Later on, when things get a little funky, the world exploding into virtual polygons looks pretty damn good to be honest. Unfortunately, other times, it looks pretty bad. Characters can end up looking like they stepped straight off of a PS3/Xbox 360 with animation to match. It truly is a mixed bag. Add to that, an unstable framerate, and Get Even becomes a mixed bag of excellence followed by low points.. What a strange, strange game.


The sound is superb, no faults here. From the utterly brilliant voice acting, which fires on all cylinders, to the excellent atmospheric sound, Get Even is fantastically constructed. No faults at all in the audio department. Edward Dogliani (“Rattleshirt” from Game of Thrones), does an excellent job in bringing Cole Black to life, in amidst other very capable voice actors. Firearms sound suitably powerful, yet never overwhelming and the environment itself is filled with audible sounds such as steam, echoes, audible cues of voices and other atmospheric bits and pieces. All up, I cannot fault Get Even in the sound category at all, it utterly excels here.


Get Even presents excellent value for money. Coming in at $49.95 on both consoles and USD $29.99 on Steam, brand new, I’ve seen other games released with less content, at higher prices. Given this pricing range, I’m going to forget any and all issues regarding what was promised. Because quite frankly, these are the pricing points from developers getting into the industry, with such production values we should be seeing. These are the things that encourage gamers to get on board. Get Even isn’t a perfect game by any means, but this is the sort of thing that inspires confidence in gamers to try it out, to take a chance. Well done “The Farm 51”, that’s just some excellent pricing, it really is.


Get Even isn’t perfect. Some slightly clunky controls, that oddly enough work in its favour, a slightly disjointed story rescued by some fantastic voice work and combat that could be better saved by some genuinely creative weaponry such as the ‘corner gun’, this is a game that is the truest example of ‘the sum of its parts’ that I can think of. A game whose pricing point adds to its value, literally and figuratively, becoming a game that demands your attention. Don’t let the budget price turn you off, it’s worth playing, it’s worth trying out and it’s able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the big boys and be worthy of your time. Get Even may be like other games out there, but there’s not many other games quite like Get Even, because they’re all asking way too much at their pricing points and usually delivering way too little.


  • Excellent pricing point.
  • Intriguing story.
  • Excellent voice acting.
  • Audio is genuinely excellent.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Creative weaponry.
  • Nice twist in the game.


  • Graphics waver from good to sub-par too often.

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