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RiME PlayStation 4 Review

Rime has been in production by developer Tequila Works and published by Grey Box for a long time now and fans will not be disappointed. Where most games are text heavy or require a prolonged exposure to Google to understand what is going on, Rime takes a step sideways allowing the visually stunning environment and effects to lay the groundwork for the player to dive into this unique setting similar to games such as The Journey or The Solus Project.


Rime takes the mantle of an All Age Gaming title sticking to the basics of any platformer. Jumping, picking up objects and interacting with features are the basics for most gamers to explore the Rime world not requiring large texts to be read or multifaceted puzzles to decipher allowing anyone of any age to access this game. The fox companion you meet early on with give you some basic hints if you ever become lost which helps players avoid simply finding gaming guides or posting on forums for help.

The game takes players through step by step building from simple platform jumping, moving of objects to more in-depth puzzles which are imaginative and evolve as the game processes. The glitchy framerate and dodgy camera angles make maundering some of the platform jumps quite tricky and spinning the camera too quickly around corners can force the game to lose some of its polish.

Nothing new stands out when I play Rime which can be a gift or a curse, much of what I interact with or puzzles I face I have this feeling “I’ve been here before”. Much of Rime I was hoping for some X factor or shift to the right when playing hoping for something to cement this game into my collection rather than simply being a side note in a gaming journal. To say the least I was hoping for an emotional experience say similar to The Last Guardian yet I felt after finishing Rime I simply put it back in the gaming pile and moved on without a second thought until writing this review.


From underwater exploration to jumping between mountaintops the graphics are simple yet Rime to me does not need much of what other games heavily invest in as what was provided by Tequila Works aided and benefited the telling of the Rime story. If you take away the chunky framerate or dodgy camera Rime is quite stunning and visually delightful. It does not need flashy gimmicks or long winded cutscenes to get its point across which helps the player focus on learning through investigating rather than being spoon fed a story.


The game lacks dialogue which at times is not a bad thing in this day an age of countless chatter. The gentle tones at times felt like I was on a boat drifting endlessly across an ocean without direction as I went between buildings, puzzles and collectables. Again, this does not take away from Rime much like the visuals as I felt the soundtrack complimented the title as a step away from a complex brain drain to a more basic swim of discovery.


Currently $59 in any Australian gaming store I find is a good value for money while on school holidays as it can be played by all ages and is not restricted with complex game styles or untold gameplay. Rime can be played by all and can be enjoyed by all, on the down side it only takes between 8-10 hours to complete this title and collect most of the objects which in this day and age of replayability is quite short which may mean most fans wait for a sale/bargain bin buy.


I Compare Rime within the same breath as The Journey due to being a simple narrative within a quiet vast landscape filled with unknown treasures. If you are the type of person who wants to find out a game through exploration then Rime is for you. The short comings I have mentioned within the visual section should not take away from a very much complete game in what was provided by Tequila Works. Rime did not leave a lasting impression when I finished the game, I did not have that feeling of dread or sadness like I had completed a journey or made a lifelong attachment that I will talk about with close gaming friends but simply put I was glad to move on to the next game in my list.



  • Solid platformer
  • Visually stunning
  • Complete game


  • Framerate drops
  • Shallow story

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