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Energy Balance Playstation 4 Review

Developed and published by Sometimes You Studio’s Energy Balance is a Maths puzzle game in which the aim is to balance out the equation in order that it balances the answer. This title is very much an indie casual game in which during a mission your spaceship has a system fail requiring you to solve many equations to get the power going.


This title has a basic premise yet is quite hard to master the higher your level goes. It’s confusing to understand why the premise of the game surrounds a floating cat requiring it’s spaceship to be fixed yet I saw it more as reverting back to school level Maths yet in a gaming format… this turned me off and will probably not engage a lot of those out in the community as paying money to do Maths does not compute to me.


The game is basic both visually and musically with much of the games focus on repetitive audio tones at a fast pace with the only requirement to move addition/subtraction digits on a number line for it to equal the total amount given similar to Sudoku. Energy Balance costs 5 AUS dollars which currently too high for me to buy a game which revolves around completing Maths problems. While reading my review if you felt the urge to buy this game simply send me five dollars and I’ll post you some arithmetic worksheets.


For a short and sweet game, I am writing a short and sweet review. Nothing in Energy Balance within the first hour wants me to continue to play this game. Who knows maybe in the second the game opens up to some ultimate premise which blows every other title out of the water…. Yet with what I have been shown by Energy Balance I guess I and my readers will never find out.



  • Learning game


  • Not sure why people would pay money for it.
  • Pointless story
  • Not enough to engage at any level

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