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1,2 Switch Review

When I first saw gameplay of 1,2 Switch I was oddly intrigued. So when I got my switch I was eager to pick up this game, what ensued was a large amount of disappointment.1,2 Switch is not that bad of a game, it just leaves you wanting more. No matter how you look at it, this game is purely a tech demo that shows off the features of the Nintendo Switch and ultimately should have been included as a pack in with the console. In short bursts 1,2 Switch can be fun, but in the end it is unable to sustain this for long periods of time. 1,2 Switch will always be the game you pull out to show off the Switch to guests, but ultimately it is a one-dimensional game with some very amusing tech.

When I began playing 1,2 Switch I was thoroughly entertained, majority of the mini games ask you to stare into the eyes of your opponent and this ensures for some laugh out loud moments. This is an interesting concept as during the mini games there is really no need for a screen, the games are played by reading your opponent in real life.

The HD rumble of the Switch’s Joy-cons are very enthralling, and I am very excited to see how developers use this feature in future games. The HD rumble was shown off in numerous ways in 1,2 Switch and there were no issues with it, it is an amazing piece of gaming technology. For example, in the mini game Ball Count, you have to move your Joy-con around and guess how many balls are inside it. This game continues to impress me as it actually feels like there are actual ball bearings inside of the controller. Milk, which is a mini game that replicates you milking a cow is fun for a short period of time, but eventually falls flat very quickly.

Each of the mini games features an introduction video, that shows you how to play the game and the appropriate way to use the Joy-con. These videos were great in which they were very educational, the only problem was that the people contained in these videos look like they are having way too much fun, way more then you will personally ever have. The videos have a lot of cringe acting which are very humorous and will provide a lot of laughs.

Majority of the mini games are also based around the mechanic of sound, this is actually great idea, but if being played as a party game (in which this has some potential) shouting and laughing will drown out the audio and won’t allow you to hear the tutorial videos, or sometimes even the audial cues for certain games.

Each of the mini games provided unique mechanics, the plate-spin game was noteworthy as it actually encouraged a wide range of physical interaction. Whilst some games required you to swing a ping-pong paddle, bat or sword, plate-spin involved you having to balance a plate whilst your opponent distracts you to make you drop your plate and therefore losing. To be fair all of the mini games were all fun, but after a period of time majority of them became a bore.

Each of the mini games can be played by yourself, but the best way to tackle these game is in the mode called Team Battle, this is a Mario Party styled board game that sees you move along a board playing each of the mini-games. When you win a mini game you get to spin a wheel which allows you to move along the board.

In principle 1,2 Switch is an excellent idea, the problem is it is poorly executed. It does well to show off the portability of the switch as the mini games can be played anywhere. 1,2 Switch uses the features of the Nintendo Switch in an interesting way and does well to demonstrate what the console is capable of. This game is very average, if you after a game to play on the Switch I would advise picking up something like Shovel Knight or Snipperclips as these games offer way more value. 1,2 Switch will always be seen as the game that should have been a pack in for the Switch, and for the current price tag the gimmicks that are offered are not really worth it. Initially this 1,2 Switch is a lot of fun, but very quickly it will be on the shelf and collecting dust.



  • Shows off what the Switch I capable in regards to hardware.
  • Interesting mechanics.


  • No depth in gameplay.
  • Games get boring very quickly.
  • Should have been a pack in with the Switch.

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