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Nintendo Switch Presentation

While most of us are patient enough to wait till this Friday the 13th for the Nintendo Switch presentation from Nintendo, it seems the show schedule has been leaked online and rumours are running wild! It’s not just the presentations schedule leaked either with reports running wild that the launch price for the Switch has been leaked as well online. Reports from Dutch site TechTastic claiming the Switch will launch at €250 or at UK retailer GAME for £200.

It’s also been stated that there are plans to launch a premium £250 bundle with more memory and a game, as well as the Switch controller said to be launching later at £40. What does that mean for those of us in Australia? well chances are the Switch will launch here at around the $350 mark with the premium bundle coming in closer to $400 placing it slightly below the cost of the XB1S and the New Look PS4. For me that could be a problem if the rumoured specs come true and a solid launch lineup will be vital to the success of the Switch, as when it comes it, gimmicks are nice for a little while but all games want a solid core experience.

So what are the rumoured launch titles? The Image below tells us we will be getting at launch (March 17th Rumour) Mario Kart 8: Switch It, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario RPG: Rabbids Invasion (Ubisoft),  Splatoon CounterAttack AND a Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim. There are other titles slated for Q2 and Pikimin World slated for the week after launch however will this be enough to influence you to grab the console at launch? I hate to be negative but given the amount of chances I’ve had to play Skyrim already plus what i assume will be shovelware in a Ubisoft developed Mario title (Rabbids Invasion?) will the other titles be enough to take my money when I’ve already got titles like Halo Wars 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and Sniper Elite 4 sitting in my backlog? Only time will tell.

Click the image below to view the shots for yourself and let us know on Facebook if this looks like enough to convince you to part with your money.


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