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Highs and Lows of E3 2017

Another year gone with another E3 passed, normally there is plenty of focus on the winners and losers of the event. We slap a big tick on one company while complaining how the other two big players failed to impress us. This year however I don’t feel like we had one single winner, I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not. One thing that can be certain of is that while one company alone didn’t win the event, we still had some memorable highs and not so memorable lows from each. So without playing around Let’s take a quick look at what I feel are the highs and lows from E3 2017.


Forza 7 

There was a time when Gran Turismo was the pinnacle of racing games, it sold consoles and everone tried to be it. However towards the end of the last generation, the team at Turn 10 started to catch up and the delays of GT on PS3 gave them a chance to drive past after watching their tail lights for so long. Come this generation Forza in my opinion saw the chance to overtake and it did so. The recent trailer of Forza 7 solidifies that overtaking and I feel cements the Forza series as the new king of the mountain. Will we see a neck to neck race between Forza and GT on the Pro and X? Let’s hope so.

Monster Hunter World

YES!!! Monster Hunter on Xbox, PC and Playstation! As a fan of the series who has missed out when only able to own one platform, I’m excited as hell to see this series coming to my platform of choice. While some of the internet are expressing concerns about the game being westernized, I’m still in hype mode and am more than willing to do a wait and see when it comes to playing this at launch.

Super Mario Odyssey 

Alright, we saw the trailer at the Switch announcement and it looked alright. It got me interested and along with The Legend of Zelda was putting me on the edge of buying a switch. However come E3 and the latest gameplay trailer, I’m pretty sure I’m standing on that seat now and screaming out for the console. While I’m still not sold on Nintendo and Hardware still being a thing, there is no denying their software


Oh my god, what a game this appears to be! Bioware look to have hit the nail on the head here and it looks amazing, the 4K just adds to what appears to be a visually stunning game. Now to sit back and wait for more and more information hoping that it’s not all just eye candy but a good title as well.




Skyrim VR

I think I’ve made it clear on our facebook page by now just how unimpressed I am with each edition of this damn game. I played it on 360 and love it, I don’t however need to play it 64 more times on every device possible. The time being spent developing this for a few extra dollars could have been better spent on a new Elders Scroll title or even a standalone VR title in it’s own universe, with it’s own story. Simply put I see this as nothing more than a money grab by Bethesda cashing in on a popular title, to think half of the internet complain about COD just being re skinned each year, then go ahead and get excited for a game that is literally re-skinned.

Sony and Cross-platform play

 I was going to just list this as Minecraft for a moment, it was after all the first title that announced cross-play between Xbox, PC and even Switch however not long after Rocket League was also announced as having the same abilities and just like with Minecraft the name Sony wasn’t seen. Now they have come out and explained their actions, the claim that it’s to protect their community as they have no control over users of other platforms.. fair call.. However for a company claiming to be for the player, wouldn’t you listen to those players and what they want? Is this going to cost Sony future sales on crossplay titles? I know personally if I own multiple consoles I’m buying the edition of a game that gives me more people to play with and a combined community of Switch, Xbox and PC will dwarf the large install of the PS4.

Halo 6

While the Xbox One X is looking to have some solid 4K options at launch in Forza 7 and Crackdown 3, plus the updates for older titles like Gears 4 and Halo Wars 2. It does seem like an opportunity was missed by not pushing Halo 6 to launch with the One X, the flagship franchise of the Xbox community for 16yrs and the perfect series to showcase the power of the X. Fingers crossed for an announcement soon as the team at 343i close out another trilogy for the Chief.

Metroid 4

Woah slow down don’t start ranting yet, hear me out. See just like the rest of the internet and as someone who grew up with the Nes/Snes I want nothing more than a true core Metroid game on my console. I’d almost buy a Switch just for it but what is the point in showing me a logo and simply teasing me. Where is the game-play or just some further information to at least show us that we won’t be waiting till your next console to play this? So while the knowledge another Metroid is on it’s way, the announcement itself had me shrugging my shoulders and thinking “Cool, can\t wait” before instantly moving on to the next and forgetting all about it. The announcement was nice but how they did it wasn’t at all.

You were expecting me to mention the Xbox One X right? Well while that’s a console I plan to get at launch, it’s wasn’t an expo defining moment for mine, we knew it was coming and we got what we expected. Of course there are also some I didn’t mention purely because I had no interest in making this article 3,000 words, things like Spiderman and OG Backwards compatibilityy would not look out of place on this list.

So what moments at E3 shone for you? What moments let you down? Let us know over on our Facebook page!

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