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Snake Pass Xbox One Review

As a kid, on the NES, Snake Rattle’N’Roll was one of my favourite games, I dug the hell out of it. Playing it with my mate, 2 player, was a blast. Snake Pass, at this point, is scratching that itch for me and then some.


I’ve never ever played a Snake simulator? But if someone ever makes one? This is the game they want to look towards to figure out how the hell to do it. The controls in this are oddly simple, yet beautifully capture what it is to be a snake. Want to wind around something, stretch your head up but make sure your lower body grips on tight so you don’t fall off? You can do that! Want to slither along quickly, but wiggle tighter so you can speed up? You can do that! Want to stick close to the ground but slither up steps rapidly not really breaking your speed, feeling like the most badass snake ever since Plisskin? You can damn well do that too. Want to bite someone, feast on their melting insides and watch them die a horrible death? Ok, you can’t do THAT… but what you CAN do is pretty damn fun. This isn’t an open world, each level reminds me of the good old PS1 days of games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, where you’d have a set level, with objectives such as collect the gems, find the icons, grab the coins or whatnot. Snake Pass has all this and it’s very fun. You’ll have to traverse obstacles, find your way across annoying but never infuriating puzzles to get your objectives and believe me, you’ll have fun doing it. The controls are easy to learn, incredibly responsive and boy are they tight. Sumo Digital obviously had a lot of fun making this, it shows in the gameplay alone.


God. Damn. Charming. Really, it’s so cute I want to grab it by it’s little squishy head and hug it, and squeeze it and call it George. I was reminded of classic children oriented games with pastel like colours such as Viva Pinata, Crash Bandicoot and Skylanders all in one go. The bright colours, the exaggerated cartoon like landscapes and the fantasy like setting all visually *pop* off the screen. This is a visually impressive game, no doubt. It’s not going to tax your Xbox One (or Nintendo Switch, or PC, depending on what you got it on), but it’s bloody nice to look at. You’ll find yourself staring at the shimmering water, loving the different elements that make up the stage like rotating blocks, chunks of foliage, the intricate little details such as the stone patterns, it’s all quite excellent.


Calming music plays while you’re traversing the levels, a pleasant diversion from the frustration you’re about to endure from this physics based game. The music in general is quite excellent, ranging from drum based, to flutes, to Jamaican drums. There’s no lack of variety here, Snake Pass is definitely no slouch when it comes to music that’s for sure. When it comes to sound, the same can be said, tweets from your companion bird are appropriate, audible scenery sounds are present and everything feels in place with nothing feeling over the top. In general, Snake Pass does a fantastic job with its sound and I couldn’t ask for more honestly. Pump this through an amplifier like I did or a great set of headphones and you’re really in for an atmospheric treat with the music, I swear. The music does what not many games seem to do these days, it *adds* to the fun. Where some games see it as just something to ‘have there’, this seems to add to the whole experience in a truly positive manner.


On the Australia store, Snake Pass is currently priced at $29.45, which to be honest is not a bad price. As far as platformers go I’ve played far, far worse and paid far, far more. The game has a multitude of levels and these increase in difficulty fairly rapidly, with multiple objectives dictating your completion rate offering up replay value. The game does have longevity and does represent decent value in my opinion, definitely worth picking up at this pricing point.


If you like your physics based games, your platformers, your cute kids games, Snake Pass is for you. If you want to be infuriated by a rising difficulty level, puzzles that go gradually from ‘easy peasy’ to ‘WTF?’ this game is for you. Snake Pass is a decent romp that won’t leave you disappointed, but be warned, this snake does lack fangs, you’re only in it to solve puzzles, not kill stuff. Otherwise, enjoy, because it’s a bloody good time… without the blood! A game for all ages!


  • Great graphics
  • Great controls
  • Excellent sound and music
  • Lots of levels


  • No multiplayer

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