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Lego City Undercover Wii U Review

From every movie based LEGO game out there, LEGO City brings its own story and its own originality. Imagine Grand Theft Auto but playing as a cop in LEGO style! What more could you want? Bringing hilarious humour and favourite movie quotes you’re sure to end up being stuck in your own all new Lego world.


You star as the one and only Chase McCain. A cop that has returned to his town with a new mission: to investigate and find the escaped arched nemesis known as Rex Fury. Chase must smash bricks, collect items, and explore the city by car, boat, or helicopter to save the day with his partner, Frank Honey. Needless to say with more collectables and and more LEGO to smash, LEGO City keeps you busy with many places to explore and destroy.


Throughout LEGO City’s story you unlock new costumes for Chase, each one with its own unique use to complete or unlock certain areas and objects. Examples being his usual cop outfit allowing you to use a grapple gun, a robber allowing you to use a crowbar, and a miner allowing you to smash through boulders. Those are only some of the characters you unlock. There are also plenty of collectables, such as hidden special bricks that can unlock a super build function.

LEGO City bounces between closed missions and free roam all while keeping the player fairly immersed with the game pad. The Wii U Game Pad acts as your portable phone and map, the latter of which you can interact like zooming in and setting waypoint markers. Every now and then when you finish a certain mission you will receive a call on the Game Pad from a support character, Ellie Phillips, about further information or new missions. Another feature Lego City has is similar to ZombiiU, which has you hold up the Game Pad to search the area for secret objects hidden over the city. You can lock onto the secret objects with this feature, set a waypoint and pick it up, cutting out the middleman. It’s almost like a heat sensing device. This feature, for those who like sport, is optional and isn’t required much throughout the story.

LEGO City still has many puzzles throughout the story requiring you to think about which character you need for certain areas. However this becomes very easy as each part is marked with a symbol showing you which character is needed. For example, to break through a door you will need the robber with his crowbar, but outside the door is a circle with a flashing crowbar symbol. When fighting enemies there isn’t much strategy involved, you punch them a few times then slap some cuffs onto them. Each section, whether it is about climbing a building or jumping up some walls your screen constantly shows you hints about how to proceed leaving the player with no time to question what button they have to press next to continue.

Every game has its faults but with LEGO City there are only a few. The major fault is unlike every other game with the brand, LEGO City no longer has multiplayer. You are now unable to run around during co-op with a friend smashing everything in sight or “accidentally” killing them. Even though multiplayer was frustrating yet loads of fun in the past, it’s a shame to see it missing from LEGO City. The player must solo the story even though it would have been simple to make Honey a playable character or even use the Game Pad as a communication device to other players online. Another fault is the driving control sensitivity is annoying. You either turn too much or not enough making it difficult to explore the city and making the player prefer running on foot instead.



LEGO City looks amazing and is just as bright and colourful as any other LEGO game. Not only are you able to see large buildings but you can see the city far off into the distance or even look out over the water. A LEGO world mixed in with a bit of reality, the mountains, some trees and the water and adding a realistic mix to the blocky, LEGO-built world. Not only does LEGO City look amazing, it also run smoothly with no skipping or lagging.


With all your usual smashing and popping sounds from destroying everything in sight, LEGO City also has amazing voice acting and sound effects, especially the interactions when receiving a call. Each character has such a unique personality that will have you laughing and enjoying each and every bit of the story.


LEGO City is the first in its series to not follow movie-based story lines and is the first one to have an open city sandbox. Not only is LEGO City so unique it is also an exclusive for the Wii U. With hours of gameplay, tonnes of places to explore and hundreds of collectable bricks to find, LEGO City is bound to keep you occupied for a long time even after completion of the story.



LEGO City is a must buy for any Wii U and Lego lover out there, it’s unlike all the others and is certainly a must try for any adult or child who has never tried a LEGO game before. Not only will you be laughing and loving each character, maybe even smirking at Chase’s attempt to be a charming cop, the player will want to find every last collectable adding, hours onto the game time.

AAG SCORE: 8.5/10


+ Free Open GTA-Style Sandbox

+ Hours of Gameplay

+ Enjoyable Characters


– Lack of Multiplayer/Co-op

– Lack of Difficulty Puzzles or Strategy

– Vehicle Driving Issues

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