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The Golf Club Xbox One Review

The Golf Club is the latest golf simulation by HB Studios and is an ID@Xbox release on Xbox One. At a very reasonable $40 (depending on location) price tag is does The Golf Club swing and miss or is it a coveted hole in one? Read our slicing review to below to find out.


The controls in The Golf Club are similar to EA’s Tiger Woods series of games in that it uses the analog sticks for the basis of your swing. However in The Golf Club by default you don’t use the right analog stick to swing the club, you use the left. This is a bit odd at first but after a round or two its second nature. All the standard adjusting the club you use, the direction of your shot etc is all here in The Golf Club.


However, to me what sets this golf game apart from the Tiger Woods series is the difficulty which comes from the sensitivity in how accurate your swing needs to be in order to get a good shot off. In other golf games the accuracy of your swing is a lot more forgiving and really makes those games pretty easy once you get the hang of them. In The Golf Club your timing and analog stick movement need to be spot on for a perfect shot down the middle of the fairway and to me this is what makes this game fun as like in real golf a slightly off swing and you’re shot is going into the rough or worse.

The Golf Club has great replay value as apart from the wealth of pre-designed courses for you to play on there is the ability to generate courses, edit them and create your own through the Greg Norman Course Creator mode.

There is also a wealth of game options available including local multiplayer for up to four players in stroke play, match play or fourball. There is online multiplayer where hundreds of players can be on a course at any time and you can either play your round at your own speed against their Live balls or play turn-based against up to three others. You can also play other players created courses and upload your own for the world to play. Then there is Tours and Tournaments which you can create or just join one already available.

The other cool feature of The Golf Club is that there is social feeds and messages where you are kept up to date with the world of The Golf Club through a fully interactive social ticker bar and an in-game message feed. Through this you will be kept up to date with your friends achievements and creations, what your friends are currently playing, when your records on courses are broken, you will be notified of invites from friends to play and you will see all the major achievements from all players within The Golf Club world.



The graphics in The Golf Club are great, especially considering this isn’t a full retail game like EA releases each year. Your character is very detailed and the environment is beautiful. It lacks the spit and polish of an AAA game but there is not much to complain about in this area.


Golf games are not the measuring stick of sound in games by any means. That’s mainly due to the fact that when you yourself have a round of golf it is quiet (other than you yelling at your crap shots all the time lol) and the only real sound is the environmental ones of birds and the wind. In The Golf Club all the environmental sounds are captured as well as expected. What sets this game apart from other golf games is the commentator if you can call him that. As you are playing you have this guy comment on everything you do and rather than just commenting as though he is in a commentary box doing a broadcast, he is commenting and actually talking to you. I love it as he has a funny personality and can come up with some funny one liners if you stuff up and gets excited if you do something great. It’s a great addition to liven up a golf game and it cracks me up each time I play it.


At only $40 depending on your region and plenty to do, The Golf Club is great value for any golf game fan out there. If you are looking for a simple golf game that you can get great scores and master in 5 mins then you may want to look at the more arcade like Powerstar Golf but if you want a great representation of the sport and a challenge, then The Golf Club is the best golf game I have played, period.



If you want the best golf simulation to date, with a hilarious commentator and at an affordable price then join the club, The Golf Club.

aaglogonew 8 out of 10


  • Challenging
  • That Commentator!
  • Plenty to do at such a great price


  • Graphics could use a bit more polish if picky
  • Could be frustratingly challenging for casual golf game lovers

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