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Top 10 Batman Games For PC

With the recent launch of the Lego Batman movie (Not out in Australia yet) I thought I’d take a very quick look at the top 10 Batman related games available right now on Steam! Without any more wait, here are my Top10 from ten to one.

10) Batman Arkham Knight

So, the PC launch was a disaster, however the concept of the game itself was great fun, sure it’s nowhere near the standard we are used to from the Arkham series but it has value and being at a nice low $20 entry point now there is little reason not to have a look.

9) DC Universe Online

Not 100% Batman but the open world free to play DC experience with a huge touch of Batman is one of the most entertaining massive multiplayer experiences I’ve had, revisiting it for this article alone has me downloading it once again to jump back in! In regards to online games, you can play batman online slots game at casino.com too!

8) Gotham City Imposters

Ok so technically Batman isn’t in this, however the characters all draw their inspiration from him and the DC feel is there. When it first launched, I spent 100s of hours with mates running and jumping around the levels defeating the imposters and generally being defeated myself.

7) Injustice Gods Among Us

I’m personally not huge on fighters, the mashing of buttons in a hope of winning doesn’t appeal to me. However, I watched my kids play this enough that I found myself getting very curious and eventually picked up the controller and for the first time ever enjoyed a fighter. Bats 1 – Me 0

6) Lego Batman 1

While the first Lego Batman title wasn’t it’s best, you can’t ignore the beginning and if it wasn’t for this title I likely wouldn’t have found a love for the Lego games like I have, so capes of to you Bats.

5) Batman – The Telltale series

Oh, I do not like episodic titles at all, I hate the wait between episode. That said however TellTale’s telling of Batman offered a fresh new approach not yet offered to the Bat and the episodes did what was intended leaving me waiting for the next one each time.

4) Lego Batman 3

Open world Lego Batman, yes please. While it was on a larger scale compared to the #2 this didn’t leave the same impression of the sequel. Great game just not as good as the second.

3) Lego Batman 2

It was tough sorting out the order of the Lego Batman titles, they all offered hours of entertainment but the sequel to the original is what got me right into Lego titles so I can’t ignore that.

2) Arkham Asylum

The first real introduction to an open world Batman, while its sequel stepped it up a notch you can’t ignore where it started.

1) Arkham City

The follow up to the widely popular Arkham Asylum, this time it was taken out of the asylum and onto the streets. Still one of my most loved open world titles.

And that is my short and sweet look at the ten best Batman games available on Steam right now for PC gamers, the best part as well is you can find all these games on the other major platforms! Do you agree with my list and if not what would be your number one?

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