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E3 Hopes and Expectations!

We here at All Age Gaming can’t see the future. If we did, we’d be really wealthy people right about now. But we do love speculation, and since E3 is right around the corner, we decided to express what would totally blow our minds if it were presented in some capacity at this year’s expo. So get comfortable and have a look.

Will Muscat: Rare Crackdown Effect

What do I expect? The first one is almost a given. Mass Effect 4 will no doubt be on stage at some point and hopefully it’s a true next gen masterpiece that delivers both in story and gameplay. Personally I feel for that to happen this can’t be on the 360/Ps3 and must be a next gen only title, will it? Likely not thanks to the magic of sales but I can only hope right? The other title I expect we will no doubt see is Crackdown 3, while the first title had a huge following the second left a fair bit to be desired among most fans. I’m a fan of both entries in the series and the idea of going around a third time has me a little excited, will Microsoft satisfy my needs at E3? I’d predict they will and fingers crossed this is a big one. Now let’s take a quick look at just what I have my fingers crossed for and what would tick all the boxes for me on the E3 checklist of excitement. Rare are my real key to pleasing this year, if they can produce once again in a kinectless environment like they did at the 360 launch with Kameo than us gamers will be in for a real treat. Out of the licenses they do have Jet Force Gemini is where they could really get me going, walking out on stage and showing us a new game in that universe with full coop would be a real mind blower that would be topped only by them proceeding to tell us that the original JFG is now live on the Xbox Store as a HD remake. Not much else would be needed, I’d likely switch over to the store quicker than another network goes down and begin throwing money at the screen.


Shane Rowles: Where My Games At!?

My expectation for this year’s E3 to put it bluntly is good quality GAMES, All the “next gen” systems are out and yet we still struggle to find multiple solid games on all platforms. I’m really hopping that all 3 of the major players focus purely and simply on great first and third party titles. Personally I cannot nail down a short list of games I’m looking forward to, more so just excited to be a gamer at this point in time and very keen to see what not only E3 has to offer but also what’s in store for gaming in the near future.

Paul Barbara: On Notice and On The Warpath

E3 has to be the one event that I am truly excited for each and every year, and 2014 is by no means any exception. Moving into E3 2014 I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the console hardware is out in the wild for all of the major players, and this year’s conference will be focused on software, games and innovation. Everyone is touting that their “for the gamer” and while this is easy to say, it’s hard to deliver on that’s for sure. However, with that my expectations is that both Sony & Microsoft will deliver some truly awesome gaming experiences, reveals and curve balls to boot. Sure everyone expects that they know what will be present at E3, however I feel that more of the ‘unexpected’ and totally ‘left field’ will certainly come.

This week Microsoft revealed a new SKU for the Xbox One, Games with Gold for Xbox One and of course the big one, Halo 5. This leaves me wondering what else could be in store for E3? It seems Microsoft’s biggest focus will be on bigger and better things and “all about the games” as they have repeatedly stated, so this has me tremendously excited. Switching gears to Sony, I have more fears than expectations. My biggest fear is that Sony will once again play on the minds of immature gamers with cheap tactics and shots at their competition, which I’ve stated is very unprofessional. My hope is that Sony rises above the bureaucracy and focuses on why gamers should game on PS4 this generation. New games, new experiences are a must for Sony. Oh and Nintendo, I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just given up on you. I still will tune in, but with no E3 stage show and no real hype or buzz, I’m left to ponder a vision of 2 hours of 3DS games and demos to tie the faithful over. Bring me a new Zelda on Wii U, and you’ll have my attention. Till E3!

Craig Cirillo: Virtually Uncharted Halos of War HD

With E3 2013 being a massive event with the new consoles launches being the focus, this year’s E3 gets back to the business of focusing on what we as gamers all want to see, the killer GAMES and hopefully some cool new features for our consoles.

There are a few key things I am looking forward to at E3 2014 and they are as follows.

  1. I want to see some gameplay, even if it’s just an early build of the new Gears of War. I am a massive fan of the series, particularly the first 3 games so bring it on!
  2. I am intrigued on seeing if Sony will show us any gameplay of Uncharted 4 on PS4, especially with the layoffs at Naughty Dog of late. I loved the second Uncharted in particular so hopefully number 4 will shine as brightly as two did.
  3. We know Halo 5 is coming next year but what have Microsoft got in store for Halo in 2014 on the Xbox One? It will be interesting to see if any of the rumours re HD remakes etc. pan out at E3.
  4. Last but not least, as Microsoft have sort of stepped back from Kinect, it will be interesting if they and Sony show anything in regards to Virtual Reality gaming for PS4 and X1 or will that wait for a while.


Tyler Chancey: Beasts and Warriors

Another year, another E3, another out of control hype machine. As easy as it is to be jaded about such an event, it really does feel like a lot of interesting stuff has been announced and will be announced. We got confirmation on Far Cry 4, a new Halo, and it seems most of the big players and ideas, Evolve, Watch Dogs etc., are already guaranteed to show up on the floor. In fact, I can’t wait to see more details and footage of Tecmo Koei’s Zelda spin-off, Hyrule Warriors.

But my biggest wish? Hopefully an official reveal of From Software’s heavily rumored, leaked in-game photos and all, newest title: Project Beast. Given that the title is under the direction of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the brilliant mind behind one of my favorite games of all time, Dark Souls, along with the team behind the same, I have very high expectations. It is speculated that it might be a PS4 exclusive Demon’s Souls 2, but my money is on a next-gen title called Beast Souls. Not necessarily original, but if the team can deliver on its sharp atmosphere and minimalist storytelling, I will be one happy camper.


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