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  • The Top Slot Games for IPhone

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 27, 2017 under Feature Articles
    Different top slot games for iphone are going to be easy for people to access and to play these days. There are going to be able to take advantage of the fact that these games are going to be better when it comes to their security. They are also going to take advantage of the fact that these games are better overall, easier to play, and more efficient in terms of their game playing mechanics in ge... more.
  • Drawtopia – A Journey Through Colour

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 7, 2017 under Featured, Mobile Phone/Tablet Game Review
      Drawtopia is a new mobile game brought to us from the guys at Super Smith Bros LTD. We are reviewing the premium version on Android. Drawtopia is another physics based puzzle game in the similar category of games like Cut The Rope etc. Is Drawtopia one of the better mobile puzzle games out there or is it too much to solve? Gameplay The main premise of Drawtopia is to draw lines, dots a... more.
  • Craig’s Five Most Anticipated

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 3, 2017 under Feature Articles, Featured
    You've seen the most anticipated from a couple of team members but now it's time to hear from the boss, I'll avoid poking fun at Craig for now and instead let you all take a look at his most anticipated. Has he gone with the crowd or will he throw us a curve ball or two? Read on to find out just what he is excited for this year and I promise you all there is no NBA in this list! For Honor: Wh... more.
  • Talent Not Included – Gameplay Teaser

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 25, 2016 under Media, Game Videos
    Talent Not Included is an action/combat platformer where mechanical soldiers, animals, hard-headed monsters, and rotating cylinders will challenge you in one of the most demanding plays to ever hit the stage! Watch the latest trailer below! Twitter: https://twitter.com/TNIgame Facebook: http://bit.ly/2aS3Bua To know more about Frima: http://www.frimastudio.com/ ... more.
  • The Biggest Progressive Jackpot Wins Ever On a Mobile Phone

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 26, 2016 under Other
    The main purpose of all gambling apps and games is to provide the player with the opportunity to win some money while having fun at the same time. That is why there are so many various games with different levels, progressive jackpots, intended for all kinds of players. Casinos constantly improve the quality of the games, the graphics, and the gaming experience the player can get, they have establ... more.
  • The History of Australian Poker Machines

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 26, 2016 under Other
    Slot machines are one of the most popular items in a casino. They first appeared in the USA when Charles Fey invented a very popular game which he labeled the Liberty Bell. From there, because of their massive popularity they moved overseas and in the 1900s they arrived in Australia. It must be said that because gambling was frowned upon by the majority of people in those days, playing the slot ma... more.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox E3 Conference Overview

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 14, 2016 under Xbox, E3 Conference, Feature Articles
    For those of us here in Australia who either stayed up or got up in the early hours of the morning to watch the Xbox E3 Conference, a feeling of let this be good comes with it so that it justifies your madness to our partners, parents etc. Well I am glad to report that Microsoft brought it and brought it BIG TIME! An overview of all the news that came out of the conference is below! Enjoy! First ... more.
  • The 10 Best Casino Apps You Must Download to Your Phone

    0 CommentsPosted by on May 22, 2016 under Feature Articles
    Your cellphone is so much more than a great communication device. By downloading gaming apps you always have something fun to look forward to. Games have been proven to help us focus better on tasks at work as we become more positive from a little gaming here and there. Here are the 10 best casino apps and other online games that you must download to your cellphone or tablet: 1. Blackjack This ... more.
  • Hitman 2016 Review

    0 CommentsPosted by on May 5, 2016 under Feature Articles
    The bald-headed assassin with a barcode on the back of his head is back. If you’re anything like you were probably very excited when the new edition, named simply – Hitman was finally released. The feeling when I was finally about to start the game for the first time can hardly be compared to anything. Only when I play monster progressive pokies I feel something similar. The thrill, the buzz t... more.
  • Captain America – An Online Gaming Hero

    0 CommentsPosted by on May 5, 2016 under Feature Articles
    Superheroes of all stripes have become major players in online games. While superheroes have really always been popular ever since they were created in the first place back in the early twentieth century, they have really exploded in popularity since the twenty-first century began. When Mystery Men parodied superheroes back in the 1990's, the genre was still relatively niche. Today, the superhero ... more.
  • AAG Staff’s Top 3 Anticipated Titles Of 2016 – Part 1

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 16, 2016 under Feature Articles, Featured
    Here at All Age Gaming we thought it would be fun to present to you with each staff member's Top 3 anticipating games for 2016. The first part of the article features three staff members. First out of the gate is our newest recruit and this article is his debut piece! So without further ado here is Reece with his Top 3 anticipated titles of 2016! 1. Cyberpunk 2077 In the yesteryear of October ... more.
  • Mobile gaming on the rise

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 16, 2016 under Feature Articles, Other, Mobile Phone/Tablet Game Review
    There can be little denying that mobile gaming is on the rise across Europe and the United States, and in particular there has been a huge increase in the number of people using betting and bingo sites, with huge numbers of websites specifically designed for smart phone use. Users now have the option to play from the comfort of their armchairs during advert breaks when they're watching television... more.
  • Playing Wonder Woman in Online Casino Gaming

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 2, 2016 under Feature Articles, Other
    Slot Games at Online Casinos Slot games are among the most popular of casino games. In many cases, there will be a few dozen games in other categories and several hundred slot games on a given online casino website. People can try different ones for a week straight, and they will still usually have more slot games to explore. These games are relatively easy to program and fun for lots of people, ... more.
  • GTA V Casino DLC: Get Ready for Something Special

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 4, 2015 under Other
    The long-awaited casino DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) doesn't seem to be any closer to reality, but a recent YouTube Q&A with gaming expert "DomisLive" revealed that many in the industry are craving the new content. Rumours regarding a possible casino add on for GTA 5 originally hit the airwaves back in 2014 courtesy of Twitter user, "funmw2”. Although the tweet has since been deleted, ... more.
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World Nintendo Wii U Review

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 16, 2015 under Nintendo, Featured, Wii U Reviews
    Editors Note: This review was written by guest writer Kyle Dunn First off let me begin by saying I have played a massive amount of games in my youth and now in adulthood. None have deserved the title as the cutest game quite like this one. I didn’t play much of Nintendo’s first foray into a woollen world in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. But of what I did play, I can say that Yoshi’s Woolly World doe... more.
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